Against The Illumanati

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Oh hey! Yes I agree, I do get asked some idiotic questions but try to answer them as best as I can. 

I don’t quite understand what you mean by ‘go up’. Do you mean as in how can we expose the Illuminati more? Or like how can we make our blogs more popular?

Well I was looking at your blog and you don’t really explain what the Illuminati are or what their goal is anywhere. When you go on your blog all you really see is stupid questions people asked. Post more texts and add more photos to keep people interested and what not. 

Explain your question a bit better and I’ll get back to you. Thanks for asking bye:)

Keep the messages coming! I like giving it a go to answer your questions and reading your opinions on the Illuminati and their ways!


It does seem as if Eminem is trying to break away from the Illuminati. His ‘Recovery’ album is different to his usual work and it’s as if his lyrics are trying to give us a message about the Illuminati, listen to afew songs from the ‘Recovery’ album and you will understand what I mean. In his song ‘lose yourself’ one lines mentions the ‘New World Order’ AKA Illuminati: ”This world is mine for the taking, Make me king, as we move toward a new world order” This line is basically indicating how the Illuminati are trying to take over and want to be the ‘king’ and rule us all. 

This is true, they may go after him next. He has a large fan base and is trying to speak up against the Illuminati. They probably consider him as a threat and may feel the need to get rid of him before he exposes them. They may make him ‘have an accident’ or ‘kill himself’…like they did with Michael Jackson and other celebrities that were against their ways. He’s a strong man with a good heart, lets hope for the best!